Welcome to our Showroom !
Welcome to our Showroom !
We, Golden Tools Trading L.L.C., established in 1982 as Importers and Exporters.

Specialist in Hardware and Hand Tools with its well designed and vividly displayed showroom situated at easily accessible location near by Nasser Square, Dubai.
Our Showrooms are well equipped with wide range of popular brands of Power Tools, Hand Tools, Garage Equipment, Welding Machines, Wood working equipments, Garden tools and equipment, Electrical equipment etc. Products

Welcome to our Showroom !
Welcome to our Showroom !
We import products from various countries and export to many countries and we sell as wholesale and retails in local market also.

Today we have four branch under the name of GOLDEN TOOLS TRADING BRANCH. There are in Dubai (Sheikh Zayed Road next to the BMW Showroom), in Abud-habi, in Sharjah, in Al Ain. Locations

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We can show you the Dubai Branch and our locations with real controllable 360° panorama photos an virtual tour.

You can look around and take a tour in different locations.
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